Mother Earth Sound
Osamu Moriyama


Guitarist, Musician, Sound healers, Healing therapist.

Born in Fukuoka, Japan.

Lives in New York, USA. 

In 1992, moved to the US at the age of 21. 


In 1996, After studying at Berklee College of Music in Boston for three years,

moved to New York and started music activities.


1998 Released new age album "Tales From The Sand"
Also performed solo activities.


In the 2000s, He was inspired by the way of life and spiritual aspects of

Native Americans throughout the southwestern trip in The United States. 


2004: Produced Album "It's Very Clear..." with a female vocalist Izumi


In 2008, he started to play the Native American flute,

inspired by the beautiful nature of southwestern.


He started learning and started sound healing music that fuses music and healing. 


2009: Released original album work featuring Native American flute,

          "Mother Earth, Father Sky"


In 2010, He started a collaboration of workshop with Reiki and Sound Healing music

 He experienced a huge shift in energy when worked in groups using crystal bowls,

 singing bowls, gong, Shakers, ethnic instruments, etc.  

In 2013, he started healing as a freelance and gave a session using vibrations of sounds
such as tuning forks, crystal bowls, gongs as the main tools.
2014: Produced an album "Prayer" that expresses a multidimensional shamanic sound,
including improvisations in the Mayan ruins of the Yucatan Peninsula, a sacred site in Sedona.

2015: Held healing retreat collaboration with Lomi Lomi Master Akemi Rino Kauraohi
           on Oahu, Hawaii.
2016: Organized a healing retreat in Hilo, Hawaii, performed sound healing on lava
          in Kilauea Volcano National Park.
same year: Organized Fibonacci and acutonics classes with Ron Laplace, who is an instructor
of acutonics sound healing system at Karani, a retreat facility on the Big Island of Hawaii.
produced solo album "Lemuria"
it was recorded improvisation in the nature of the Big Island of Hawaii using baritone ukulele and guitar.

October 2016  Sound healing event held in Setagaya Ward, Tokyo.

     A Sound healing event held in Chita Peninsula, Aichi Prefecture.

     An offering music performance performed in front of the Aso Shrine, for relief of the Great Kumamoto Earthquake.

     Also, held a sound healing event in Aso, Kumamoto.




February 2017 held a healing retreat again on the Big Island of Hawaii. 
And organized Acutonic, Fibonacci sound healing system, and sacred space of the heart workshops.


In November: Sound healing event held at Denen Chofu Clinic, Tokyo


From August to September 2019,  

Organized healing classes at a retreat facility "Suirin" in Iizuna-Hinohara, Nagano Prefecture,


The fire music festival featuring award-winning artist KITARO held at the same location.
Osamu performed as a guest artist.

* Held a solo concert in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo.

*Open-air solo concert held at "Time Forest" in Chita Peninsula, Aichi Prefecture


We are welcoming requests for guitar and sound healing concerts or events anywhere in the world.


For inquiries, please email.

Mother Earth Sound  
was named after the native American word
Mother Earth, Father Sky.

Hoping our body, spirit, and soul to return to the harmony of the universe.