Mother Earth Sound
Osamu Moriyama
Musician, Sound Healer, 
Reiki Master, Kinesiology Practitioner,
Artist, Traveler


In 1992 I moved to the United States from Japan.
I had nothing but a guitar to play music.


I have lived on the path of music that my soul wants, 
but I wasn't good at human relations and communication,
and I struggled with my inner difficulty in my early 30s


Around my mid 30's I realized that transforming the inner consciousness

is to change one's reality and realize that it changes the world.


I met Reiki in my mid 30's and started sound healing

that made use of my musical talents.


My life began to change dramatically after December 21, 2012.


The following year I studied Kinegetics and IH Kinesiology

and began my freelance career as a healer.


Since 2015, Healing retreats have been almost every year

on the big island of Hawaii with my ex-partner.

We also organized Acutonics and Fibonacci class on the Big Island

in 2016 and 2017. 

From 2017, We have been organizing Tajigen (Multi-dimensional) Kinesiology classes

at Suirin near Togakushi Shrine in Nagano prefecture for three consecutive years.


Currently in 2020, when there's a time of universal transformation,
I live by following the guidance of my spirit with Healing and Music.


After all, I am just a traveler who loves cats, travel and Mother Earth. 

Mother Earth Sound  
was named after the native American word Mother Earth, Father Sky.
Hoping our body, spirit, and soul to return to the harmony of the universe.







For Increase Immunity and release anxiety, fear, worry