Mother Earth Sound

Music is a vibration of sound.
The sound vibration is within our universe,
And it's made of Love & Light.

We create our own universe,
As We want it to be.

Mother Earth Sound 
is the expression of Love & Light,

Mother Earth Sound
create it's own unique way to support 
people's physical and spiritual path.

 Osamu Moriyama


With the sacred space of the heart,
Osamu play improvised music of sound vibration
with many kinds of instrument
that give our heart sing & joy.

Osamu plays Nylon Guitar,Voice,Crystal
Native American Flutes,Anasazi Flute,
Tong Drum,Djembe,Tingsha,etc...


Integrated Healing (Kinesiology)

One of the most powerful healing method 
that deal with many issues of physical, mental, spiritual.

By applying sensitive muscle testing technique,
We can reach out to fundamental issues of all diseases,

Combining IH with Sound healing is wonderful
 healing in releasing illusions of mind beliefs.

Osamu gives Reiki healing
for both treatment and attunement.

Reiki is the energy of the universe
inherent in the space.

Utilizing Reiki energy will benefit
in physical,mental and spiritual level.

Reiki is very useful healing modality
for healing beginers
as well as professional healers.

Osamu gives Reiki Attunement
Level 1.2 and 3.


Osamu is a sound transformer
who utilize sound vibration to transform
the energy on all levels of being.

The sound vibrations cleanse all levels of dimensional energy,
bring awareness and increase sensing ability,Inspiration,creativity.

Vibration of the sound resonate to the human body 
is beneficial to relieve physical and mental pain,trauma,
and to relax and calm our fast pace mind.

Osamu's sound healing will give you an opportunity
to feel the essence of sound vibration
that take you to higher level of consciousness
to get in touch with the essence of one's self.


Osamu have been traveling
where he feels the calling of the soul.
He travels to the places where he finds sacred.

These are the places he visited in the past include:
Hawaii Islands,Sedona, Mt Shasta, Taos,Peru
(Machupichu,Pisac,Cuzco etc...) Greece,Italy,Spain,
France,Mexico(Yucatan), Japan etc... 

Osamu have been offering music to those sacred places
to pray and to express his gratitude for Mother Earth
and to connect one's energy with the sacred vibrations.

Osamu believes that We all are the travelers of this life
to achieve our life purpose that is to bring love and light 
on this planet.



Osamu have been an artist
since he started playing guitar at age of 14.
Learned Jazz,Classical,Spanish, and other music
Studied at The Berklee Collage Of Music
from '93 to 95

Osamu is a natural artist as human expression.
Osamu believe that Love & Light is the essential
to us Human kind.

and his life purpose is to return to the essence of
our source and express freedom
in the artistic expressions. 


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