Mother Earth Sound
Named after the native American word Mother Earth, Father Sky.
Hoping our body, spirit, and soul to return to the harmony of the universe.

 Osamu Moriyama
Sound Healer
Map Shifter


born and grew in Fukuoka, Japan.

resides in the U.S  since 1992.

Currently, lives in Sunnyside, NYC




I play and improvise music with guitar and other musical instruments 

I also create original music.


The real excitement of improvisation is to maximize creativity

in the infinite possibilities that change with the place I perform

and the vibe of people.


Sound Healing

Immerse with the sound waves such as 
Crystal bowls, Wind gong, Tibetan chimes, 
Acutonic's Planetary chimes, Planetary tuning forks.
Native American flutes, Acoustic guitar, etc.

The sound bathing session promotes relaxation, revitalization,

and refreshment of mind and body by those sound tools

and reiki energy purifying and balancing the body and energy field.


They support your daily stress management.





Reiki Healing is the easiest way for healing beginners to start with.


From the day you receive the energy, you can self-heal,

heal others, purify places, purify food, heal pets, etc.


Reiki does not require any training or practice.





By using muscle tests we explore

the issue stem from emotional, mental, physical, and soul problems,

open up the possibilities of life by encouraging awareness and transformation and restore

the balance of mind and body.


My Healing tools include 
Acutonic's Planetary tuning forks and chimes.
Alan Sales's The sound of god. Trinity.
Modules from Holo-SETS created by Dr.Richard Bartlett
Essences of Alaskan, Pegasus, Highest Elixir, Angelic.
Hand healing of The Ascended Masters and Reiki.



It is a pleasure to travel to the land where the soul feels the calling.

Many of them are spiritual places

where the earth's energy is powerful or where ancient wisdom is lying beneath.

It is my pure joy to connect with the vibrations of the earth and to increase my music and healing inspiration. 

I am a natural artist who expresses freedom through music,

healing, travel, blogging, photography, and love.



The Map shifter

One that shifts the map of your life 
One appears when your life needs transformation.



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