Kinesiology is a healing method
that listens to the subconscious voice
through muscle testing.
we observe the inconsistency and imbalance
between the body and mind, and adjusts
the root causes of various physical, mental
and soul problems.
I use a variety of sound tools and hand healing techniques.
<Handling protocol>
Inner child
healing your own inner child's hearts

Survival programs

releasing a tight hold of an unnecessary belief system

that has been assumed to be necessary for survival.

Letting go of self-destruction and self-sacrifice programs.

Removing the beliefs that have been limiting your potential.

Soul retrieval
Healing past mental shock, broken heart, bereavement,
Loss of feeling resulting from an accident, trauma,
grounding decease, loneliness, depression, etc.


The part of the brain that holds emotions accumulated from fetus to 3 years old. 

cleansing anger, irritation, shame, guilt,

and memory of birth trauma.


Body adjustment 
adjusting physical problems to the original blueprints of the body.


The chamber of memories
Purification of past unnecessary emotions and beliefs


Brain integration 

Integrate the brain, 
Balancing the right brain (creativity) and left brain (logic)
 for a clearer and logical mind.


Energy code
Unnecessary negative energy, past life, human energy, 
spiritual energy, collective consciousness, etc.






Some examples of issues we are dealing with...


Chronic Fatigue, Pain 
Sleep Disorder
Eating Disorder
Menstrual Pain, PMS
Injury Recovery
Back Pain
Various Brain Issues
Primitive Reflexes


Panic Syndrome
Money Issue
Inner Child


Energetic Cords
Invasive Energies
Soul Integration

The Healing Tools Used In The Session

Acutonics Sound Healing Tools
<Planetary Tuning Forks and Chimes>

Alan Sales's Tuning Forks
<The Sound Of God, Trinity, Brain>

Crystal Bowls and Chimes


Matrix Energetics
Modules from Holo-SETS



Session Fee

In-Person   $320

Skype Session $315


A few things to keep in mind.
*Fitting in relaxed clothes,
*wearing not too many accessories.  

I will be happy to answer an inquiry about a session 
The benefits of releasing those issues

Wellness of Mind & Body

Self Trust

Trust Abundance In Oneself

Self Acceptance

Discovering One's Gift

Communication Through Open Heart


Sense Of Resonance

Self Priority>Let Go Of Self Victimization

Peace Within

Accepting the Masculine/Female side of self




Living easygoing, Carefree

Releasing Perfectionist, Competitive Mindset

Forgiving Oneself and Others

Gaining Inspiration

Improving Concentration,Comprehension,Memory

Organizing, Making Decision.

Gaining Power to The Spirit