Osamu Moriyama
is a practitioner of many type of healing modalities
such as: 

*IH healing
*Acutonics Sound Healing System
*Shamanic Sound Healing
*Matrix Energetics

They all deal with physical,mental and spiritual levels.

Osamu uses Kinesiology's Muscle Test ,
Which apply Neuroscience, Biomechanics,
is performed in order to 'Hear' and 'Feel'
 Body's stress or subconscious mind,

This technique could reach deepest
and fundamental issues people may have

Osamu will integrate all these healing method
and apply them according to the response of client's body.

It will bring a balance and a harmony
in many type of issues.


Some example of Issues we are dealing with...


Chronic Fatigue, Pain 
Sleep Disorder
Eating Disorder
Menstrual Pain,PMS
Injury Recovery
Back Pain
Various Brain Issues(Aspergers syndrome, ADD/ADHD)
Primitive Reflexes


Panic Syndrome
Money Issue
Inner Child


Energetic Cords
Invasive Energies
Soul Integration

The Healing Tools and Technique Used In The Session

Acutonics Sound Healing Tools
<Sun,Moon,Earth,Planets & Fibonacci Healing Tuning Forks>

Alan Sales's Tuning Forks
<The Sound Of God,Trinity,Brain>

Crystal Bowls

Musical instruments
(Gong, Native American Drums, Caxixi)


Matrix Energetics
Modules from Holo-SETS



Session Fee

In Person

$200/up to 3hr
$240/over 3hr

Skype Session $200 (+paypal fee $10 for abroad)

A few things to keep in mind- Fitting in relaxed clothes,
wearing not too much accessaries.  

Try to avoid stimulant (alcohol,caffeine,drugs etc...)

Please do not hesitate to inquire about session 

The benefits of releasing those issues

Wellness of Mind & Body

Self Trust

Trust Abundance In Oneself

Self Acceptance

Discovering One's Gift

Communication Through Open Heart


Sense Of Resonance

Self Priority>Let Go Of Self Victimization

Peace Within

Accepting Masculine/Female side of self


Grounding (Get Down To Earth)


Living easygoing , Carefree

Releasing Perfectionist,Competitive Mindset

Forgiving Oneself and Others

Gaining Inspiration

Improving Concentration,Comprehension,Memory

Organizing,Making Decision.

Gaining Power to The Spirit



The Sound As Healing Tool

 All things are made of vibration,  so is Human,
That we have a certain frequency.

sometimes in this society,
people are often under the influence
of negative vibration and we need to tune in
to the vibration of Love and Peace.

Sound healing will not only affect on physical level of vibration,
but also mental and spiritual levels.

All matters including our life are energy,
thus The Sound will work at the quantum levels and cellular levels.

Our negative thought and mind
will create dissonance.
It will cause various diseases, disorders
and negative realities in our material dimension.

All issues and problems in your reality are
the illusion created by Our mind.
such as worthlessness,money problem,communication,work

The Sound is excellent healing tool
that will transform imbalanced mind state 
into relaxed heart centered state.

The Sound Healing combined with
the holistic approach of IH(Integrated Healing)
will support the transformational process in your reality.