<Details about sound healing private sessions>

The sound healing session will begin by checking

the physical and mental imbalance by counseling,

muscle testing, and intuition. 


It is intended to access physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual energy.

cleansing unnecessary energy and intend to adjust to

the higher vibration that will lead to the necessary direction

for the client's spiritual needs.


Take the necessary essences from my selection of
   Alaskan, Pegasus, Highest Elixir, Angelic.

They are a really good transformation accelerator and energy cleanser.


Immerse yourself in a sound bath journey for about an hour.
Adjust the energy system of chakras, meridians, and auras to relieve stress


Then Reiki or other hand healing energies will be applied.


Additionally, we may take the time to read a message

with a choice of  Oracle cards.



<List of sound tools to use>

Acutonic's Planetary tuning forks
             and Planetary chimes


Alan Sale's tuning forks. 

      The sound of god and Trinity.


Crystal bowls


Tibetan Singing Bowls


Japanese chimes


Wind gong 




Nylon string guitar


Native American flute






Session Duration > about 100~120 minutes

Session fee> $ 220

* Only face-to-face sessions are available for now 

which allows you to experience the vibration of the sound on a physical level.



Inquiry or Application by email





Sound as a healing tools

 All things are made of vibration,  so is Human,
That we have a certain frequency.

sometimes in this society,
people are often under the influence
of negative vibration and we need to tune in
to the vibration of Love and Peace.

Sound healing will not only affect on a physical level of vibration,
but also mental and spiritual levels.

All matters including our life are energy,
thus The Sound will work at the quantum levels and cellular levels.

Our negative thought and mind
will create dissonance.
It will cause various diseases, disorders
and negative realities in our material dimension.

All issues and problems in your reality are
the illusion created by your mind.
such as worthlessness, money problem, communication, work, etc...

The Sound is an excellent healing tool
that will transform imbalanced mind state 
into a relaxed heart-centered state.