Space Cleansing Ritual

I use sound tools to cleanse the space for apartments and houses and the Land.

Your house/apartment is not only filled with furniture but energy.
And some harsh negative energy may remain in that space.

There might be the old spirit of the past residence, family member, or the land.


these energies may affect on your emotion and mental such as;
Anxiety, Anger 
Repressed emotion.
Pent-up emotion
Poverty consciousness.


By cleansing the energy stagnation of the room 
It will promote the flow of energy, the flow of prosperity, abundance, vitality, etc.  


so you and your family can reset and start a new life with the space cleansing ritual.

At the same time, I am going to cleanse
The client's energy with some sound tools.



Fee> Apartment $ 222 / House from $ 300 


* For an apartment, The fee is an estimation for a 300sqf-800sqf.

  For a house, the fee will be vary depending on the number of floors,

  garden, basement, etc. 

* Business trip range- Your house can be accessed by NY's MTA subway. 
Outside that range, transportation costs will be charged separately.


Feel free to email me for an inquiry.

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